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Journies Through The Intellect And Emotion Of Experience

One Tree Maintains Many Branches; One Root May Feed An Entire Forrest

Reverend Aelwyn is an ordained minister. She believes in balance, tolerance, kindness, love and the quest for the higher self. She believes that enlightenment wears many colors and springs from many sources. She strives to meet courage in those around her with respectful courage in return; to never look away from the eyes of someone couragous enough to share their inner struggle, no matter the details of gender, sexual attraction, lifestyle or choices, their spouse or spouses or the acceptability of their biology to history or any specific cultural context. If you come to this journal searching for the reinforcement of dogma you already believe, you may find much of this content disturbing. If you believe that help can come at any moment and from the strangest of places, and that all of us are on a shared journey of self reflection and growth and betterment, you may find some of that help here. If you are interested in non-traditional perspectives on dogma and a search for enlightenment that respects all of the many paths to gods and enlightenment internal or external, you may find comfort here. If you find yourself without a place in traditional religious settings because of your sexual preferences, gender anomalies, culturally unacceptable family structures, kinks or other differences from the conservative view of religious acceptability, and you would like to hear the thoughts of a fellow traveler, or reach out to a friend, you may find some things worth listening to among my shared thoughts.